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Purpose – What am I Doing?

How can we teach purpose to our kids?

There are days when I am working my way through the never-ending pile of laundry that I wonder what I am doing with my life. There has to be more to it than washing clothes! Even though I’m a part-time, working mom I have those moments of self-doubt and frustration. But then my baby boy will smile at me, showing his dimples or my big boy will tell me his latest problem or my little girl says, “Guess who I love, Mommy. You!” I know that being their mom is the most important thing I could ever do.

Purpose is determination; setting goals; finding a reason for being

Ruby’s Wish
by Shirin Yim Bridges

Do you want to go to college? Why or why not?

The author of Ruby’s Wish is Ruby’s granddaughter, Shirin Yim Bridges. Learn the story of one of your grandparents and write it down.

About the Author:

Tamara Batarseh, Executive Director of Love In A Big World (LBW), is a singer/songerwriter/performer with over fifteen years of performance experience. She is co-founder of LBW and has been the creator of the organization’s programs and materials. Batarseh has recorded two albums, written LBW’s character education curriculum, trained LBW’s performers, and performed live for thousands of kids.