Duty or Delight?

Are you parenting out of Duty or Delight?

I suppose when one thinks of duty, there is certain nobility to the sound of the word. It is my duty to be a good American, friend, wife, mother, daughter, and employee, but whatever is done for duty’s sake has not been personified, has not been felt, has not been lived. There is nothing but a pragmatic, stoic action behind duty. Duty is absent of emotion, sacrifice extravagance and love. If we parent out of a sense of duty, we find ourselves bitter, burnt out people, wondering when our reward will come. Duty stifles hope and joy. What if our work suddenly resembled children playing in the sandbox? How do we move from a posture of drudgery to a posture of delight?

Do you know yourself well enough to know what you delight in? What brings you pleasure? How have you put those things out to the margin of life in a season of raising children? Why? Identify these things and start to integrate them into your day. If we can lean into the way we’re made rather than being so resistant to it, we might find ourselves laughing over the kitchen sink as we clank the dinner dishes clean.

Remember: You will need to find some play time if you want to delight in your work.

Try this: What did you used to love to do when you were a kid? Dance, ice skate, take a hike in the woods? Take two hours this week and go do it! Do it by yourself and allow for some good playtime. The more you play, the more you find delight in your work.

Natural Healing: Tip 5

Elderberry and Cherry Bark are great aids when sore throats and coughs attack.

Hopefully you read Tip 1,Tip 2, Tip 3 and Tip 4 and are feeling some of the great effects of using natural medicine. This week, we journey to some more herbs that are known for their great healing properties: Elderberry and Cherry Bark. Please remember to research before you try anything out.

Tip 5: Elderberry and Cherry Bark

A little about Elderberry

  1. Elderberry comes from elder trees that can either be native to North American or Europe.
  2. Elderberry is just one part used from this amazing tree (the roots, bark, berries, leaves and flowers have been used hundres of years in natural healing practices).
  3. Elderberry is known to boost the immune system.
  4. Elderberry has a high level of vitamin C and antioxidants and is a vital food source for many birds.
  5. Elderberry is often found in children’s herbal remedies for its strong, yet gentle, healing properties in respiratory ailments.

Read more about Elderberry to find out more about its health benefits.

Elderberry is usually found in proprietary blends and not usually alone. There are syrups that are great for respiratory problems that your child may be having. I have seen great results when my little one has a sore throat or other bronchial issues.

Additionally, if your child appears to have an infection of any kind, Elderberry should not be a substitute for calling your physician.

A little about Cherry Bark

  1. Cherry Bark is known as an expectorant.
  2. Cherry Bark was used at its peak in 1926.
  3. Cherry Bark is sometimes used to treat diarrhea.
  4. Cherry Bark helps with irritated, dry throats and other respiratory issues.
  5. Cherry Bark is said to be a great alternative to cough syrup because it is without dyes, alcohol, and sugar.

I add Cherry Bark to my little one’s juice when she is coughing a great deal. Much like Elderberry, it is found in many proprietary blends of herbs for throat and respiratory illnesses. The taste is great without the sugar and other additives of western medicines. I gave my little girl some over the counter, non-herbal medicine the other day and she spit it out. She has grown accustomed to the natural tastes of many of these herbs. I was actually shocked, as the bottle advertised its “Great taste.”

So this season, if it’s sore throats, coughs and respiratory problems you have (like we do), try to use one of these alternatives. If your child has a fever, please make sure to check with your pediatrician!