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Organization – Rhythm of Time

How can we get more organized?

I once read this quote in a magazine when I was a teenager, “Boundaries. Live within them and the possibilities are endless.” My daily schedule gives me boundaries. When I follow it, I have a productive day and I’m usually surprised by what I’ve been able to accomplish. Of course, there are times when I sleep late or do something special, but then I’m usually out of sync and I end up frustrated by noon. I need to feel the peaceful rhythm that my daily schedule provides.

Organization is keeping things in order; having a plan of action

Quick Tip:
A daily schedule helps us have time for work, rest and play. Write down your schedule as well as your children’s schedule. Use this as a guide, not a law, for how you spend your time.

Clara and the Bookwagon
by Nancy Smiler Levinson

What do you need to organize: your desk, your books, your toys, your clothes, your room? Make a plan of action to get these things organized. And do it!

Visit the library. Before looking for a book, talk with the librarian about how the books are Organized on the shelves. Be sure to ask her what would happen if the books were not organized in that way. Ask the librarian if your children may try to help put returned books back on the shelves. Through this service-learning project, they will see just how Organized the library is.