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Natural Healing: Tip 6

Vitamin C… the miracle vitamin or not?

We are sure you have read Tip 1,Tip 2, Tip 3, Tip 4 and Tip 5. This week we wrap up our six-week series on Natural Healing, but have not fear, we will always bring any health tips we find!

This week we are going to talk some about Vitamin C. Please remember to research before you try anything out.

Tip 6: Vitamin C

A little about Vitamin C

  1. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin.
  2. Vitamin C cannot be produced by your body, so it must be gotten from food or supplementation.
  3. Vitamin C is vital in maintaining healthy body tissues (like your gums and muscles).
  4. Vitamin C is not a cure-all as some marketers try to tells us, however, it does help.
  5. Vitamin C can be found in citrus foods, strawberries and and cabbage.

Vitamins are vital nutrients found in foods that we eat. If you are not getting enough vitamins in your kids through food, taking a multivitamin may be necessary. As previously mentioned, Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. This means that it does not stay in your body for long periods of time. When taken, your body will use what it needs and discard the rest in your pee. That being said, taking MORE Vitamin C will NOT increase its effectiveness in our kids. Doing this will only increase the work load on their little kidneys. So be careful in giving too many vitamins.

There has been a great deal of controversy over the efficacy of Vitamin C, especially in children. Some studies have been done that say very high doses can help adults, but with kids it is different. When I see a Vitamin C product that says something like, “Limits the duration of the common cold” I get a little suspicious. Nonetheless, products like Emergen-C have proven effectiveness in ADULTS. That being said, if you do want to try Vitamin C with your little one, here is a little more information about usage with kids.

Dosage for children is recommended as follows: 0.5 grams of Vitamin C per day for one fortnight (two weeks). I ran across this pretty nifty equation in dosing children’s vitamins and herbs. REMEMBER, some vitamins, minerals and herbs can be toxic to children (like goldenseal or oregano oil), so be very cautious about giving your kids anything that does not offer specific doses for kids.

(child’s age)/ (child’s age)+12 = portion of adult dose
So of a child is 6 years old, it would be 6/18 = 1/3 of an adult dose

Additionally, if your child appears to have an infection of any kind, no herbal remedy or vitamin supplement should not be a substitute for calling your physician.