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Cool Moms in the Community – East Nashville Dreams Green

An interview with a mom in East Nashville who is making t-shirts to change the world.

Yesterday I had the honor to meet with a wonderful woman and her sweet, angelic son in an East Nashville coffee shop. As we sat and talked about her business she launched on November 18, 2007, I watched this sweet little one stack tea baskets and reusable coffee sleeves. Victoria McGowen of Peas On Earth is truly a mom. She commonly takes this little man on outings such as this. Much like CoolMomsCare, Peas On Earth is seeking to change the world through our kids.

Peas On Earth began with an idea, as most fabulous businesses. This mother of two wanted to do something kid-oriented that would incorporate her love of art and the environment. Native to Nashville, Victoria went away to Boulder, Colorado and was met with lots of organic options. She took what she learned there and when she returned to Nashville incorporated it into her idea.

Peas On Earth makes baby and kids shirts with a purpose. This Dream Green collection exists to bring awareness to kids about the environment. The goal is to teach through apparel. Each shirt is hand silk-screened and printed on American Apparel. These shirts are extremely soft, durable, and the best 100% cotton (made in the USA) around. The ink used in the screening process is organic and soy-based. The shirts run sizes 3-6 months to 6T. The shirts fit true to size and can be worn for up to two year, depending on the age of your child. Their creative design is with kids in mind. As Victoria mentions, all the kids point and stare at the images on the shirts everywhere her child wears them. They truly are attracting the eyes of the young.

Although Victoria is just shortly into this web-based business she runs out of her home while she is a full-time mom, she already has plans for its expansion. She hopes to have all her shirts in 100% organic cotton. She also hopes to get more images of children in these Peas On Earth T’s. She also hope to get more apparel lines in the future to include pants and newborn outfits.

Check out this Cool Mom in the Community that is seeking to change the world though the awarenesses of our children.