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Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Showing love at home is the most important on this day.

I thought I had done it all for Valentine’s Day. As a child, I bought, made, and sent cards to my classmates, and received theirs in my decorated paper bag or box. When my children started play groups and school, I did the same for them. I planned the classroom parties, cooked the cookies, and supervised the activities. As a teacher, I set the Valentine’s Day rules and procedures for the party and made sure all my students were treated equally. Somewhere along this busy line, I forgot to have the celebration I should have had at home.

Although there are many stories about the origin of Valentine’s Day, one thing remains constant. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate and honor those you love. Often in the midst of making sure the class party preparations were complete for my children, I forgot to celebrate them, the ones I love the most and who are my true valentines.

I could have bought the special cards for my children, or the heart candy, or one of the many gifts created for February 14. But I should expanded my thoughts and gone further.

I could have concentrated on what I loved about each child, and celebrated those qualities on this day. I could have a written a note to them each year, telling them what I loved about them that particular year. Those yearly notes would have changed over the years and would have reminded them how special they were each year.

I could have created something special for each child that represented my love for them. Today, photos can be made into a myriad of products. I would have chosen a favorite photograph to be made into a pillow case or a mouse pad or a quilt as a reminder of this day for this year. I could have chosen several photographs and created a short story about their life for this year. I could have chosen a frame and added a picture each year, creating a history of each preceding Valentine’s Day behind the glass.

We could have talked about the how this holiday is celebrated in other countries, and practiced some of their traditions. We could have planned family projects to show Valentine love to those who wouldn’t otherwise receive it. We could have created family traditions for this day that would brighten up a winter day, like planting flower seeds in indoor containers or reminiscing over last summer’s adventures. We could create a holiday poster by having every family member write loving comments about the others. We could have celebrated and cherished the love that holds us together as a family.

Valentine’s Day is a day to honor and be thankful for the love we have in our lives. Our greatest love is found in our children. What better place to celebrate this day of love than where it all begins – at home.