CoolMomsCare is is the online community for parents and their kids who want to make a difference. We’ll help you encourage your kids to change the world around them by helping the environment, other people and themselves.

Being a parent sometime can seem like it leaves no time to do anything else, but changing the world is something a lot of us want to do.

We know time is the most valuable commodity of the 21st century, and that goes double for parents. So, we keep our posts short and sweet — we call them “5 Minutes of Caring.” When we look around, we start to find we have little blocks of time just waiting to be snatched up — and we want to offer helpful and doable tips and ideas to fill those spaces.

Ultimately, we are parents here to share our ways we believe you can change the world with your family. Please share your experiences, thoughts, stories, feelings, failures, strength, fears, and hopes with us! We are here to help encourage you on this journey towards changing the world.

Things You Might Be Interested In

  • CoolMomsCare is the first sister site of the ever-popular As part of Cool People Care, Inc., CoolMomsCare belongs to the world of social entrepreneurship. CPC, Inc. is a for-profit company that seeks to make nonprofits better. We went that route because we wanted to be an example of how a for-profit entity could make a positive impact. We serve the bottom line of the community.
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Here’s Who Runs This Joint

Malinda Moseley – organizer, editor, planner
A native of Middle Tennessee, Malinda has a wonderful husband, an intelligent 4-year-old daughter, and a newborn baby boy. She also has a sweet 8-year-old Boston Terrier named Lucy.

Sam Davidson – Co-founder and President of CoolPeopleCare
A speaker, writer, and dreamer with a few years in the nonprofit world, Sam Davidson seeks to tell the stories that need telling in order to motivate people to change the things that need changing.

Stephen Moseley – Co-founder and Vice-President of CoolPeopleCare
A musician, designer, and dreamer with a few years in the nonprofit world, Stephen Moseley seeks to bring people together, and believes deeply in the power of the dedicated few.

And of course, our dedicated contributors…

Jennifer Larson is a freelance writer who lives in Nashville. She is also the mother and wrangler of William, who will be four years old in April and has another son on the way. She’s also a former newspaper reporter with a master’s degree in journalism. Email Jennifer

Mary Cady Bolin is the Founder and Director of Finished Up, a Nashville-based non-profit that helps single mothers achieve their academic goals. An avid runner and writer, she lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, her 4 year-old daughter, and a very active yellow lab.

Joslyne Decker is a writer, runner, and SAHM (which she prefers to think of as Super Awesome Hot Mom) to Zoey, 16 months.  In her pre-mom life she was a social worker and was able to stay up past 9:30 PM.  You can read more of her stuff on her blog, Zozo’s Mom.

Amy Hamiter is a wife and mother of 4 who runs a home daycare.  When not covered in paint, dirt, or Play-doh, Amy enjoys finding new ways to move her family toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Helen Trabue is three-year-old Calin’s mom. She and her son share the love of music, especially Peter Bradley Adams. Helen lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Chris, Calin and Maddie, their little, black Pug.